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Fee-based Preschool

CUSD Fee-Based Preschool Program At Chaparral

The CUSD Child Development Program has been developed to provide an enriched environment at an early age which benefits the child’s intellectual, physical, emotional, and social development. Increasingly, research shows that quality preschool programs reduce the need for remedial classes in subsequent grade levels. During the preschool years, children develop characteristics which will affect their lifelong love to learn.

The dual focus of the Child Development program is on the children and their parents. The staff believes that each child brings values, language, and customs to the program and therefore recognizes the importance of forming a partnership with parents to create a positive experience for all children.

Parent participation in the classroom provides opportunity for parents to observe their child’s behavior in a formal learning environment and supports learning to continue in the home.

Goals of the Child Development Program:

• To identify and support the optimal development of each child
• To increase the parents’ understanding and knowledge of child growth and development
• To increase the participation and involvement of the parents and community
• To develop a wide range of developmentally appropriate experiences
• To develop each child’s sense of self-worth
• To provide daily opportunities for development of good health
• To develop creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills
• To help children learn how to handle their own emotions and consider the feeling of others
• To integrate multicultural/non-biasism into all areas of the curriculum

For more information on the CUSD Fee-based Preschool Program at Chaparral, call 234.5341.